I am planner addict Q&A (#我是手帐er)

I have been following Bushimen Youtube.  She is the first Chinese speaking Youtuber I followed, and I especially love her December weekly special and haul videos.  Recently she created a Q&A tag related to planners, and I thought I will participate for fun.

Questions as below (问题如下)

  1. Your first planner (你的第一本手帐是谁)
    Midori TN Brown
  2. Years into planning (你是手帐几年生)
    Turning 3 year in July 2017
  3. Fountain Pen, Gel Pen or Ballpoint Pen? (钢笔or圆珠笔/中性笔)
    Ball point pen
  4. Bound Book or Ring Bound? (定页or活页)
    Bound book planner
  5. A5 or A6
    I have been using A6 since last year. Now I am giving A5 a try and using it as a Bullet Journal.
  6. Journaling, collaging or drawing? (纯文字or拼贴or手绘)
    I do mostly journaling or drawing. Not much of a collage person.
  7. Planning or documenting? (规划or记录)
    Both! I have my bullet journal for planning and A6 hobonichi for documenting.
  8. If you can only have one planner, it will be…. (只能有一本手帐,会是谁)
    Midori regular size TN
  9. Did you get your dream planner yet? (买到dream planner了吗)
    I don’t know what is my dream planner so I guess I will say No to this question?
  10. The stationary item you regret of buying (买过最没用的文具)
    Sadly I have to say it is probably the planner society kit. TPS kit is very pretty but just not for me.
  11. The most under-rated stationary item but is one of your favorite (不火可是你超爱的文具)
    Prismacolor markers! I heard people talk about Micron and Sharpie but rarely hear people use Prismacolor. It is my favorite markers for drawing.
  12. The “IT” stationary you just don’t get it (你get不到的网红文具)
    Again, the planner society kit. I understand the beauty of having a beautiful kit but it just doesn’t fit my need and planning style.
  13. The most repurchased stationary item (回购最多的文具)
    Tombow Mono Eraser.
  14. Your favorite pen for planning (最爱用的写手帐的笔)
    3-color Uniball pen comes with Hobonichi purchase



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