My first BUJO setup

I am very new at Bullet Journal and it is all started by watching Amy Tangerine Plan With Me February|Bullet Journal video.  I love her approach of the black and white minimalistic look.  Also I just recently aquired a Roterfaden leather cover in A5 size and thought it will be a good fit to start my own bullet journal.  I didn’t purchase any notebook, instead, I decided to make my own inserts with what I have.

Materials I use:

Paper:  I used Strathmore Cotton Stationery Paper but you can use what you have on hand.  The one I use is 24 lbs, and I use 10 pieces of paper per insert.  I made a total of three inserts followed  Ray Blake Youtube Tutorial

Card Stock: I am sure you all have some pretty papers laying around the house.  I used Amy Tangerine paperstock I got a long time ago from Michael’s.

Pens:  I recently discovered Paper Mate Flair and it is now one of my favorite pen to use. Also,I did took Amy Tangerine’s Brush Lettering Online class and she recommended Tim Hotlz Watercolor Brush

It is very simple to start with your own Bujo and I had a lot of fun watching different setup videos on youtube.  Simply type in Bullet Journal and you will find tons of videos.

Here is how I have mine set up.  The tranditional Bujo is a notebook with following secitons

  1. The Index
  2. The Future Log
  3. The Monthly Log
  4. The Daily Log

You can find more detailed information from the Bullet Journal Website

Daily Log Page

Instead of doing a notebook, I divided my bujo into three different inserts as there are three pins for the Roterfaden to hold the notebooks

Insert#1: Index, Future log, Collections (lists, ideas, currently, and etc)

Insert#2: Monthly log and Daily Log

Insert#3: Rapid Logging and Collections (craft item collections, art projects)


Rapid Logging

The fun part of bullet journaling is that you make your own rules and layout.  If it does not work for you, change it! The possibility is endless.  I am having so much fun playing with the system.  This is my second week of using it, and I enjoyed it.  I’ll continue with it and do a 1 month review on youtube to share with you on how things have been going and a flip through of my month.


If you are interested in Roterfaden, I made a firs impression review for this cover in my YT channel–>HERE



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