Plannercon 2017 Details, Experiences and hauls

The very first Plannercon event was hosted this year at San Francisco, CA, USA from 3/11/17 to 3/12/17. I had the chance to attend the conference, and thought I would share my experience with you.  Hope my mini review will help some of the planner peeps who didn’t get the chance to go but might be interested for next year’s event.

There are three major activities going on in this year’s event

  • Tracks- different Speakers and workshops.
  • Shops-Vendor booths for shopping.
  • Harbor Time-Planning social night


Workshops-There are 5 different Tracks, each track included all 5 speakers and specific workshops designed for the track.  After you signed up for track, you will receive a link to customize your class and scheduled.  I signed up for The Crafty Planner track and am able to add Bullet Journaling into my track.  I especially enjoy the letter workshop with Tombow hosted by Pieces Calligraphy and the Bullet Journaling class hosted by Theresa Halls.

The Crafty Planner

  • Happy Mail workshop – Pipsticks
  • Stamping workshop – Blitsy
  • Divider Workshop – Prima Marketing
  • Lettering Workshop with Tombow – Pieces Calligraphy

The Faith Based Planner

  • Social Media Workshop – Karen Clark
  • Tech Workshop – Brian Taylor
  • Faith Journaling Workshop – Cori Spieker
  • Bullet Journaling Workshop – Teresa Halls

The Organized Planner

  • Fashion vs Function – Erin Condren Team
  • Lettering Workshop with Tombow – Pieces Calligraphy
  • Bullet Journaling Workshop – Teresa Halls
  • Divider Workshop – Prima Marketing

The Productive Planner

  • Lettering Workshop with Tombow – Pieces Calligraphy
  • Visual Journaling Workshop
  • Bullet Journaling Workshop – Teresa Halls
  • Tech Workshop – Brian Taylor

The Balanced Planner

  • Fashion vs Function – Erin Condren Team
  • Bullet Journaling Workshop – Teresa Halls
  • Social Media Workshop – Karen Clark
  • Stamping workshop – Blitsy

Speakers –  All the speakers are sharing their life experiences, how they use the planners and how the planners changed/impact their lifes.  I enjoyed all the keynote speakers and just by attenting those classes make me feel the trip is worth it!

  • Cori Spieker – The Reset Girl
  • Erin Condren – The Lifeplanner
  • Amy Tangerine – Craft a life you love
  • Brian Taylor  – I didn’t attend Brain’s class and thus do not have any info to input here.  If you know Brian and where to find him, please feel free to leave me a commend and I will add it in.
  • Karine Tovmassian – First-Class Life Style

Shops – There are a lot of vendors and below are a few that I shopped at.  I also did a Youtbue video for my Plannercon Goodies Hauls

  • Gillio: Can you believe the whole Gillio Team flew from Belgium and attend the Plannercon?  I love Gillio planners and bags and owned several of their items.  Gillio also did a new product announcement (click here) which I placed my pre-order at the Plannercon!  Below are a few review I did for my Gillio items
  • Amy Tangerine: I am a huge fan of Amy Tangerine.  My first pack of scrapbook paper is from her and I am so inspired by her Traveler’s Notebook journaling videos and Bullet Journal vidoes.  I also took her online brush lettering class and bought her book, Craft A Life You Love.
  • Blitsy: An online craft item shop which carries variuos brands of craft related items.
  • Oliclip: Who does not like oliclip?  At the show I see various different design of these magnetic clips and of course, this is the first booth I spent my money at.
  • The Reset Girl: The shop offers a lot of their own designed items.  I purchased two stamp sets from their past montly kit.

Harbor Time: Planner Social Night  All the girls get together and doing washi exchages, cheering, sharing and show case their planners.  I didn’t get the chance to go go the Harbor time as I attended a very special private event, VIP First-Class Lifestyle Session with Karine Tovmassian.

Extra- VIP First-Class Lifestyle Session with Karine Tovmassian

If you have been listening to The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Plannerverse podcast, you will know who Karine is.  She hosted a private First-Class Lifestyle Session at the Plannercon, and I was very fortunate to be able to attend this private session.  Karine was helping us to understand what is a First-Class Lifestyle and defining personal mission statement and goals.

Plannercon 2018 ticket is on sale now and you can purchase the ticket HERE.  The early bird special ends on 4/2/2017.

Also if you live in Europe, there will be a Plannercon Europe Edition coming up in Belgium on October 28th and 29th 2017.  I believe the Europe Plannercon is hosted by Gillio (or not).  If you are interested in attending the Europe Plannercon, you can find more information HERE.  I am sure the Europe Plannercon will be as excited or better then the USA Plannercon.

Plannercon Europe

I hope this post is helpful and help you to decide whether you want to attend or not.



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