Gillio Appunto Slim-Endless Possibilities

Gllio announced the new product release at the Plannercon 2017.  Of course, it is the long awaited planner cover for Hobonichi Weeks, Appunto Slim.  I do not use Hobonichi weeks, ( I tried in 2016 and failed.) yet, I thought this may work with personal size bounded book insert, B6 slim insert and also removable ring plate insert.I didn’t hesitate and went ahead with the pre-order. 

IMG_1817After 2 weeks of anxious waiting, I finally have this new items on my hand, Gillio Gold Appunto Slim.  I LOVE my gold Allround bag from Gillio and it is my EDC.  I thought a gold Appunto Slim will be a good pair with my bag.  Along with the preorder, it also comes with a little surprise gift, a Gillio Gold Keychain!  This is something I didn’t expect and Gillio is very generous to send this gift for all the pre-ordered customers.  Now I have a gold planner, gold keychain to go with my gold bag 🙂  Ok let’s back to the topic, the Appunto Slim!

I left my work in the middle of the day (Yes I left when I received a text update that my package is at my local post office) to pick up my package and setup the planner. 




The look of the Appunto Slim is very tall and slim like a Supermodel 🙂

Overall measurement and configuration:

  • Size: 8″ Length x 4.75″ width (9.5″ when the planner is opened) x 1.25″ depth (this is how much I stuffed it now)
  • Configuration:
    • The most well-known large back pocket
    • Left side
      • 6 vertical credit cards holder + 1 business card pocket (where IMG_1849the Gillio Logo embossed)
      • One full length slit pocket facing outward
      • One full length slit pocket facing inward
    • Right side
      • One full length slit pocket facing inward
      • One zipper pocket
      • One secretarial pocket
      • One elasticated pen loop
IMG_1848 (1)
The red arrows shows you where the pocket openings are.  The full length pockets can hold inserts up to 7.5″ tall.



Hobonichi Weeks + B6 Slim Notebook (I trimmed down my Regular size traveler’s notebook insert into size 7.17″x4.25″ which is the same size as Kokuyo Idea Notebook)


Filofax Removable Ring Insert:  I got a lot of question about this item.  It is basically a 15mm ring mechanism screwed on a thick plastic plate.  It comes with the purchase of  Filofax Saffiano Zip Planner.  Filofax does not sell it separately so you will need to purchase this particular Filofax model to get the removable ring plate.

The fit is a perfect fit which you will not be able to put the side tab dividers.  However, you will be able to put top and bottom tabs as the height of the planner is taller than personal size.  If anything I will probably trim the black plastic plate down for about 1/4″ so it may fit better.

Filofax Removable Ring Insert + Personal Size TN Insert: This is what I went for.  I want a ring + a TN insert!  The ring is my planner, and I use the TN insert as my “collections” such as quotes, stamps samples, washi samples, ink samples and etc…

There are two ways you can slide the TN insert in the Appunto Slim, from the inner open slit (photos above) or the outer open slit (photos below).  Note, if you choose to insert the notebook from the outer slit, you will need to trim about half inch of the TN insert cover to fit in nicely

I questioned why they made outer pocket this shallow, then I realized it is the perfect size for the Hobonichi Weeks Memo Book. 



Overall I am very happy with this planner.  It is compact yet functional.  I do not need to give up my rings and also satisfied my desire of using a TN insert.  Gillio listens to customers’ need and once again delivered a great quality product.   Below is a few helpful link if you are interested in this planner or other Gillio products.

Later on I will do a video to review this planner and also a comparision with other models of Gillio planners.  I will come back and update with links.

Below is the video.  Enjoy 🙂



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