Currently Using-Gillio/Van Der Spek/Leuchttrum

It has been awhile since my last blog post.  I have been away from using paper planning to digital planning.  It has been working out great until my life start getting busier.  There are a few big changes in my life that I need to lay everything out in one view and plan ahead.  Digital planning is good but won’t give me the visibility I want.  So back to the paper planners and these are what I am using now….

  1. Gillio Slim Compagna in Dark Brown as my Every Day Carry.  It houses monthly, weekly, finance and list.
  2. Leuchttrum1917 Five Year memory book.  I am not a journaler yet this is small enough for me to capture a line a day to start build up my journaling habit.
  3. Van Der Spek Manger (A5) as my note keeper.  I am planning to go back to school next year.  This binder will be housing my research and study notes.

My planner lineup has changed quite  a few compare with the beginning of the year.  Are you keeping the same lineup as you set up in the beginning of the year or has changed head to toe like mine?



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