My Updated Planner Collection

Since I join the planner community, I have tried so many different planners and sizes.  After 3+ years, I think I am getting closer to what fits my lifestyle.  Below is my current planner collection and my wishlist.  If anyone is interested in any review, feel free to comment below.

Traveler’s notebooks:  Using it as journaling and art projects

  • Brown Standard Size Traveler’s notebook — This is my first love and will always have a place on my shelf
  • Pam Am Blue Traveler’s Notebook
  • Olive Green Traveler’s Notebook
  • Van Der Spek Nomad complete with Janet Leather Brown outside and Janet Leather Yellow inside
From Left to Right:  VDS Nomad, TN Olive Edition, TN Blue Edition, TN Brown

Ring Bound Planners:  Using the personal size for planning and A5 size for work related notes

  • Gillio Medium Compagna-Rust
  • Gillio Slim Compagna-Dark Brown
  • Gillio Medium Mia Cara-Dark Brown
  • Van Der Spek Manager-Janet Leather in and out
Clockwise:  Rust Medium, DB Slim, VDS Manger, DB Mia Cara


  • Passport size Traveler’s Notebook Narita Airport and Tokyo Station edition (I am going to Japan at the end of the year and will sure pick these two up)
  • Van Der Spek Touch Me Black–I heard great words about TM line and would love to have a pebbly black planner.
  • A Real Ostrich Planner either Gillio or Van Der Spek–seeing all those photos on the facebook pages and discussion on how soft the leather is… will be on my ultimate wishlist


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