Different types of pocket inserts for Traveler’s Notebook

Midori Traveler’s Notebook or now known as Traveler’s Factory Notebook is such a flexible system.  It is a piece of leather with strings and there is endless possibilities to set up the system that just fit your need.

When it comes to setup, I like my TN to be slim and functional.  It will always have 1-2 notebooks with pocket insert.  Today I want to share with you different types of pocket inserts I own, and hope it will spark some ideas for you when it comes to your setup.


  • Plastic Inserts:  Both are from Traveler’s Factory.  One is a standard clear insert with zip pocket and full length pocket (I got it from Amazon, Click Here).  The other one is a Pan AM edition with business card, full length pocket and zip pocket. (No longer available)
  • Fabric Insert: The yellow fabric insert is Fourruof from Traveler’s Factory in Japan.  When it first released and I cannot get it anywhere in USA, I have contacted an Etsy shop, Hunkeedori to custom made one with exact same layout as Fourrouf.  The insert featured a flap pocket outside, three credit card slots and one zipper pocket.
  • Paper Insert:  It is handmade multi-pocket folder from Dorifolderandthings on Etsy.  Currently the shop is closed but you can find something very similar on Etsy or even DIY videos on YT.


I like all my pocket insert and I don’t have a favorite as depending on my mood, I change my insert.  Let me know if you have any questions or need detail review on any particular pocket insert.



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