Getting Started with 2018 Inserts

I know it is still early, but I have been eyeing on this 2018 Yearly Bundle from PeanutsPlannerCo.  Since I just received the VDS Touch Me planner yesterday, I decided to go ahead with the purchase and get my 2018 started!

With $5, you will get 8 files which contains different type of trackers and annual foldout sheet.  I am planning to use this set to track my work schedules, projects and 101 goals in 1001 days activities.  The design is very minimalistic and can be use in many ways. This is the BEST $5 I have ever spent on the printable insert!


  1. 2018 Calendar Horizontal with grid paper on the backside:  This will be my 2018 Goals List!
  2. 12 Months tracker with single foldout:  Track 101 goals activities
  3. Mini Calendars+List:  Record important event and accomplishment for the month
  4. Mini Calendars Tri-fold: N/A
  5. Lined 2 months on a page (Tri-Fold pull out): Tracking work schedule and projects
  6. Grid 2 months on a page (box format):  Monthly reflection
  7. Grid 2 months on a page (Tri-Fold pull out): N/A
  8. Monthly tracker (Tri-Fold pull out):  Health Tracker

*I have numbered and add text for the photos below.  You can click into the photos for a better view.


PeanutsPlannerCo Info

  • Etsy Store:  Varvara offers 3 sizes of insert, Pocket, Personal, Half Letter Size
  • Blog:  You can find some freebies and test pages on her blog
  • Facebook:  Members exclusive freebie download
  • Instagram:  Coupon code offers








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